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In perfect harmony with all landscaping designs, the ELEGANCE glass fences captivate by their purity and refinement. Their beauty and excellent manufacturing quality, comply with the strictest safety standards. The ELEGANCE fences are made of certified tempered glass, half an inch wide (½ in) or 12mm and are highly resistant.


Elegance Fences meets the highest security standards for its glass panels. A glass fence fulfils the same security conditions as a traditional fence, with the advantage of preserving the view intact and clear for the occupants.

Contemporary Look

The elegance and charm associated to glass fences suit every style of landscaping. The richness of the materials enhances all exterior setting.

Easy Maintenance

The tempered glass panels are easy to clean. Above the ground, the dust and water don’t accumulate on the panels. The stainless steel accessories with brushed finish are corrosion-resistant.

Pool Glass Fences

Elegant and secure fences.

Balcony Glass Fences

Elegant and secure fences.


Luxurious and essential accessories for a beautiful and sophisticated visual impact.

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